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Windows 10: Update causes Bluetooth problems – the solution

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Microsoft admits that an update to Windows 10 may cause problems with Bluetooth. How to solve the problems?

Microsoft shares in a new support post with that the update KB4505903 for Windows 10 May 2019 update can lead to problems (Windows 10 version 1903). Microsoft had released the cumulative update KB4505903 at the end of July 2019 for Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Specifically, the problems are that a speaker connected to the computer via Bluetooth may not work correctly after installing the update.

The problem occurs, according to Microsoft on computers that have built-in speakers. Alternatively, there may be two variants of issues:

  • The Bluetooth speaker connects correctly to the Windows 10 PC, but the sound output is of poor quality.
  • The Bluetooth speaker correctly connects to the Windows 10 PC, but the sound output is still through the internal PC speaker and not via the Bluetooth device.

Also, in the Device Manager under “Audio, Video and Game Controllers” the entry for Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp Source may be displayed with a warning yellow exclamation mark.

How to solve the Bluetooth Problem in Windows 10

The information from Microsoft is not clear whether a bug fix update is already working. Instead, Microsoft recommends using the system file checker tool SFC.EXE, which can recover missing or broken system files. You should proceed as follows:

  • Open the command line with administrator rights (eg, by entering cmd in the search input field, then right-clicking on the found entry “Command prompt” and selecting “Run as administrator” in the context menu)
  • Enter the command sfc/scannow in the command line and press the Enter key.
  • After completing the process, which may take several minutes, restart the computer.

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