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Web Payment: Protection Against E-Commerce Banking Fraud

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As in the recent past, in 2017, the trend is clearly towards online shopping, which is why more and more users are making their purchases with digitized money. 

Thanks to numerous services, payment via the Internet is now absolutely uncomplicated and now so popular that online payments are even available in isolated retail offline. But what types of means of payment actually exist on the Internet and what are the advantages or disadvantages of online payments?

What is mobile payment and why is it becoming more and more popular?

Since it is currently not possible for users to print banknotes with their mobile phone on request and in the future is not expected, customers must inevitably fall back on virtual alternatives for payment transactions over the Internet. 

There are now numerous providers such as PayPal, with their offer can digitize real money. In addition to the online payment at stationary terminals such as computers, so-called mobile payment is also an increasingly popular special form of Internet-based payment services.

The term is generally understood to be used with mobile terminals such as mobile phones, smartphones or tablets. In addition to electronic goods and services,

What advantages and disadvantages are there in terms of payment on the Internet

Probably the biggest advantage of online payments lies beyond doubt in its simplicity and the associated ease of use. Many providers already have a simple log-in to make a payment. 

In addition, online forms do not require forms to be completed by hand, as the recipient’s bank details can be pasted into the program’s mask by copy and paste. 

The speed of payments is an absolute plus point for online service providers, since the amount sent is credited to many contractors after only a few seconds to the contractor.

However, given the positive factors, it should not be forgotten that the security of paying over the Internet is significantly lower than the traditional cash payment. 

Furthermore, in the majority of cases, when it comes to online payment, data protection also falls victim to the high level of user convenience, so that customers make much more of their pay-ments on the Internet than is the case with offline payments.

Which payment methods are highly relevant in online commerce and how can you protect yourself against fraud?

Although there is a wide range of online payment service providers on the Internet, those who want to be on the safe side should use one of the established providers. In this context, the services of PayPal should be mentioned. 

An alternative to the above-mentioned providers is the payment in advance, which is essentially a transfer that can also be carried out digitally with the help of online banking apps such as Commerce banking. Even paying by credit card has made the transformation into the digital world, so there are also numerous offers on the Internet in this regard.

Since online payment systems regularly involve fraud attempts such as commerce banking fraud, users should always keep an eye on their own security. A large number of attacks on online payments are now being implemented in the form of phishing emails. 

These are fake emails that can deceptively see an official notification and ask the user with their content to click on a link or open an attachment. In principle, all mails of this type should be ignored and deleted by the user, especially if they speak of a password update or similar. Furthermore, the own system should always be up to date and it should be ensured

The conclusion

Basically, most online payments are a welcome innovation that makes life much easier. However, the new technology also opens up a completely new field of action for criminals, so that attacks and attempts to commit fraud can be expected again and again in the future.

For this reason, many users currently rely on online payment services, especially for micron transactions in the range between one and five euros, while for larger sums, most prefer to rely on conventional payment methods. And now you are asked: What is your opinion about payment on the Internet?

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