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These Surprising Habits Promote Cancer Risk

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Many people are not aware of these cancer risks. Everyday things can eventually cause cancer, but they can be avoided.

The cancer risk can be increased by certain habits. The things that are probably the first thing that comes to mind are smoking, an unhealthy diet and a lot of fast food as well as constant sunburn or overweight. But there are also a few factors that are still unknown to many. But do not worry, because, with the knowledge about it, they can be avoided:

1. Tea and soups are too hot

Do you drink your tea or do you like to eat your soup hot? Especially in winter, this is nice and pleasant. But this is exactly the mistake. From a temperature of 65 ° C, it can cause cell damage in the esophagus. The fine tissue in the throat is irritated by the heat and the resulting cell damage can promote the development of cancer. It is better to wait a few minutes until the drink is drinkable at a lukewarm temperature.

2. Red meat

Red meats such as pork, lamb, beef and sausages can increase the risk of colon and stomach cancer. Foods such as chicken or fish are not. This has been confirmed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. This has classified red meat as “probably carcinogenic to humans”. Accordingly, processed meat and sausage products have landed in the same category as tobacco!

3. Open car window in traffic

During rush hour traffic, we like to turn off the window to get some air. But this is exactly the mistake. Through the many standing cars, we breathe in the dangerous diesel residues. These are a serious risk for lung and bladder cancer. Especially in tunnels, the residues, due to lack of passage, accumulate particularly strong. Be sure to keep the window closed.

4. Certain cosmetic products

If the ingredients paraffin, mineral oil or petrolatum are on cosmetic products such as lipstick, facial tissue or skin cream, you should keep your hands off it. These beauty essentials contain mineral oils that can alter the genome and cause cancer. In this case, you prefer to buy natural cosmetics.

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