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4 Techniques To Generate Leads In B2B

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To grow its business and increase its turnover, a company must imperatively generate incoming demand.

In B2B, we talk about leads, business contacts that can turn into customers.

With this brand new article from BuzzingPost, discover 4 techniques to generate B2B leads and set up an effective marketing strategy.

1. Define and target qualified leads

Lead shows interest in a product or service. However, this interest is limited to a need for information. This is why he has not yet considered a prospect (that is, a potential customer). It is then up to the company to implement various actions to convert it.

You should know that 73% of visitors to a website have no intention of buying. It is therefore essential to put in place a strategy to attract qualified leads ready to take the next step.

In B2B, Inbound Marketing is one of the best strategies for generating leads. It involves following a well-defined process – the funnel – to turn leads into loyal customers.

2. Optimize the natural referencing of its website

There are several ways to optimize the SEO of a website. You can improve the loading time, rework the UX design (the user experience) or add features.

To attract the interest of users, you can also offer them content to download in return for their contact information. Through forms to fill, it is quite possible to determine their problems in order to provide them with appropriate solutions.

3. Take into account the broadcast channels

To be content with its website to distribute its content is much too limited, you have to see things big. Admittedly, natural referencing helps to ensure visibility on the web, but to attract more traffic, you must use other marketing levers. For example, online advertising, e-mailing and blogs, not to mention social networks.

For example, Facebook currently has more than 2 billion users. There are more than 60 million professional pages. This network is therefore essential to find qualified leads.

LinkedIn – the largest network of professionals – is another particularly effective tool for generating leads in B2B. As proof, 91% of B2B marketers use this social network and 65% of B2B companies have already converted leads into customers thanks to this platform.

We will not forget Twitter and YouTube, which are also excellent tools for B2B lead generation. The first is used by 85% of B2B marketers. The second is the largest video sharing platform.

4. Bet on the content

The quality of the marketing content makes it possible to optimize the funnel of conversion. The only way to generate leads is to capture the attention of visitors by providing them with relevant content.

It is then necessary to create high added value content using the right keywords. This will also improve the positioning of his website. According to the result of a Companeo study in 2018, natural referencing is one of the most popular lead generation tools used by companies with a satisfaction rate of 55%.

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