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Sport Is The Most Effective At This Time Of The Day

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Good news for those who prefer to turn back in the morning instead of having a motivating workout to start the day: Training in the evenings, according to studies, makes you fit faster

Often we envy the people who leave bed before sunrise, do their workout and greet us awake and in good spirits at work. We just make it out of bed when the alarm rings and postpone our training to the evening. 

No need to worry, because according to recent studies, sports in the evening is even more effective to get fit faster.

1. You can exercise longer

Studies have shown that you can work up to 20 percent longer in the evening and the workout turns out to be harder than in the morning because you have more energy. 

In addition, scientists from England’s University of Birmingham have found that people who get up at around ten o’clock can train the best eleven hours later. 

Early risers who wake up at about seven o’clock should, ideally, exercise six hours later to reach maximum goals. Incidentally, these exercises can be done comfortably in front of the TV in the evening.

2. You will be fit faster

Both muscle function and muscle power reach their peak in the evening, according to recent studies. The daily hormone fluctuations make a workout in the evening more effective.

While a high level of cortisol weakens muscle growth in the morning, it is promoted by increased testosterone levels in the evening.

3. You sleep deeper

Swiss scientists have found that people who sleep lightly improve it when they go to sleep 90 minutes after a sweaty workout. 

The good thing about it: In your sleep, the muscles recover and you see long-term successes. Find out how to fall asleep in just 60 seconds here .

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