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Saving Money In The Home: 7 Simple Tips

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It’s unbelievable how much money you can save on the budget if you only consider a few small things. We give you 7 great tips to save more money.

Saving money in the home is not that hard

1. Lower the power consumption

True power guzzlers in the household are large appliances such as refrigerators and freezers. They cause 10 to 20 percent of the total power consumption.

These devices can also be operated very economically. A first trick is to put devices with ventilation slots on the back freely in the room. Make sure that these devices are about five inches away from the wall. This allows the air to circulate better there. The fridge should be in the coolest place possible. So he does not have to cool down too much and uses less power.

To save even more money in the household, you should pay attention to the energy efficiency class of household appliances. The best is the label “A +++”. In comparison: appliances with the energy efficiency class A + consume 50 percent more electricity.

Again and again, the standby consumption in the household is underestimated. According to an estimate of the Federal Environment Agency costs incurred up to 4 billion euros annually in Germany by devices in standby mode. Therefore, after use, unplug the appliance from appliances such as a washing machine, dryer, coffee maker, toaster or TV.

2. Compare – and switch

It is very effective to compare electricity providers and switch immediately. If you have discovered a better rate, then change your electricity and gas provider to the next possible date. This also goes via comparison portals. 

A two-person household can save by changing even more than 500 euros a year! Do not worry about changing, nothing can go wrong. Electricity and gas always have to be delivered.

You can also save a lot of money with your telephone service provider. Almost every household in Germany that has a telephone connection pays too high a fee.

Often you will even be offered an instant bonus when changing. Since there are now many all-inclusive mobile phone contracts, you can also consider whether you even need a fixed network provider.

3. Use the sharing principle

Sharing is very much in vogue. This is about sharing everything in and around a household. Behind it lies the simple idea of ​​ more effective use of resources. 

Be it the car that parks 70 percent of its time, too many foods or books you no longer read: you can share these things with other people. Or benefit from the sharing principle itself. 

So some food that is still edible does not have to be thrown away. It can also be shared with everyone at no cost (food-sharing) or small toot (too good to go).

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4. Plan your expenses

A classic among the saving tools is certainly the keeping of a household book. Set up shopping frames for different categories such as food, leisure, clothing, and household (furniture, cleaning supplies, accessories). A small example calculation to compare how high such a shopping frame can be. 

If you plan your spending in total and check it from time to time, you can save money in this way.

5. Earn points while shopping

You can earn points anywhere these days. Of course, this is first and foremost aid to companies to tie you to them. Not always, the offers are actually worthwhile. 

But who uses the point collecting correctly, can save money. First of all, it is important that you only earn points where you regularly shop. So at the bakery around the corner or at the supermarket on the way. 

In addition, you should always check the offer of loyalty. For example, is there a set of knives or pans, then check how high the quality of each product is. If you are not convinced, you do not have to redeem the points. The higher savings promise systems where you can shop directly with the points collected, Therefore:

6. Drive your bike

Especially on short distances, cycling is worthwhile. Could you perhaps even take your commute by bike or daily shopping? Those who leave the car do not only look good on themselves and the environment but also save up to one dollar per day. 

If you are cycling, you save money

To illustrate a small bill: The commute is 5 kilometers. On average you need 30 minutes by bike. So a route that is feasible both from the distance ago, as well as the time required. 

By car, you would pay for the round trip about 1 dollar. At about 20 working days a month, that’s 20 dollars, which you can save. Even if you only ride a bike when the weather is nice, you could save 1,000 dollars a year. Do you still calculate the parking costs, should that be a great motivation to ride a bicycle. Finally, you could treat yourself to a little luxury vacation from this money.

7. Fast online shopping

Of course, when shopping online, you have the chance to compare prices and get great offers. But there is also the danger of buying things that you do not need at all. To save yourself from unnecessary expenses, it makes sense to insert so-called “fasting months” for online shopping. This will help you focus on the things you really need and you can save money.

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