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Record ECG with the Apple Watch: That’s how it works

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This year, Apple has also distributed its ECG app for the Apple Watch Series 4 via a software update. This makes it possible to monitor and analyze the heartbeat to prevent potential heart problems. You wonder how to record such an ECG with the Apple Watch? We show you.

What do you need to use the ECG on the Apple Watch?

To use the Apple Watch ECG app, you only need two things:

  • an iPhone that has been updated to the latest version of iOS
  • an Apple Watch Series 4 that has been updated to the latest version of WatchOS

Does the ECG of the Apple Watch replace the doctor’s visit?

It will somehow be true that the Apple Watch has already saved lives with the ECG function  , but remember that this test does not replace a medical diagnosis about the risk of a heart attack, stroke, or other health problems.

If you think you are suffering from a serious health problem, you should always go to the doctor quickly! Do not rely solely on the ECG functionality of your Apple Watch, as it will never replace a specialist.

Set up and use the ECG app on the Apple Watch

Before you can do the first ECG measurement, first open the health app on your iPhone. When you start the app for the first time, you will be asked if you would like to turn on the ECG function. You must enter your date of birth and read instructions on what the function can and does not do.

Upon completion of the configuration on the Apple Watch Series 4, look for the ECG App icon (a white circle with a red line) and touch it to open the app. For more accurate ECG measurement results, we recommend placing the arm on the table, placing the index finger of the other hand on the crown, and staying as steady as possible, as any movement may interfere with the test.

Once the 30-second test is complete, you will receive one of three results: sinus rhythm, atrial fibrillation, or ambiguous. A sinus rhythm means that the heart beats evenly. Atrial fibrillation means that the heart beats irregularly. Ambiguous means that the app has encountered some difficulty in getting a reading due to your movement or other factors. The reason may be low or high heart rate. If the measured heart rate is below 50 or more than 120 beats per minute, the ECG app can not test for atrial fibrillation. The recording is therefore considered ambiguous.

So keep track of all measurements in the eye

After every ECG test, the health app will inform you about the results on your iPhone. By opening the notification, you can view an overview of your heart rate and get some relevant advice. This measurement can also be easily made available to your doctor as you can also export it as a PDF.

Have you ever used the Apple Watch Series 4 and the ECG app? Share Your Experience. Comment Below…

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