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PS Plus in August 2019: The new free games are known

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Every month, PlayStation Plus brings a series of free games to all PS + members. These are downloads that can be obtained directly from the Play Station Store. What games are in August, how to get them and when they are available, you can find out here.

How expensive will the PS Plus subscription be starting in August 2019?

To be able to play online on the PS4 , a PlayStation Plus subscription is required. Sony has now announced that this will be more expensive in several countries. Affected in Europe next to France , Sweden and Switzerland and Germany . The price rises, according to Sony from the original 7.99 euros to 8.99 euros a month and will come into effect on 1 August 2019.

There is no change for the three-month (24.99 euros) and the annual subscription (59.99 euros).

PS Plus in August 2019

The new free games are again titles for the PlayStation 4 , because the previous additional games for the PS3 and the PS Vita were published in February for the last time in the subscription.

Instead of the usual four, there are now only two titles available for free download. Many players hope that the shrunken volume will improve the quality of the remaining games.

The new PS Plus games in August 2019

The PlayStation titles for August 2019 will be available from 17:30 today. As of Tuesday, August 06, 2019, PS Plus subscribers will be available as a free download.

• Sniper Elite 4

• WipeOut Omega Collection

Sniper Elite 4

• Genre: tactical shooter, third-person shooter, stealth shooter

• Release: February 14, 2017

In Sniper Elite 4, the player slips into the uniform of a US elite sniper who cooperates with the local mafia and partisans in Italy during the Second World War to fight against the German Wehrmacht. The fourth part of Sniper Elite offers the most sophisticated game elements yet. However, if you expect a sophisticated story, you might be disappointed with the tactical shooter. The biggest selling point of the game series is the so-called kill cam. The camera follows the rifle shot meticulously in slow motion and shows in detail where the ball strikes. FSK 18!

WipeOut Omega Collection

• Genre: racing game

• Release: June 6, 2017

WipeOut experts know that means ultimate speed, destructive weapons and gaudy music. The WipeOut Omega Collection combines the best elements of all WipeOut titles and the classic racer from 1995 to the PS4Pro – in optimized HD graphics and liquid 60 frames per second.

PS Plus Games July 2019: Last chance for July games

The August games for PS Plus will be on 31.07. presented by PlayStation. Until then, the July Games for PS Plus can still be downloaded. On August 06, 2019, these will be replaced by the August titles.

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PS Plus Update from 02.07.2019: Line-up changes

In the short term – and possibly because of the great criticism – the line-up for the PS Plus titles changed in July 2019.

Instead of ” Pro Evolution Soccer 2019″, subscribers can now look forward to the science-fiction adventure “Detroid: Become Human”. The offered version also contains an older adventure of the developer Quantic Dream “Heavy Rain”.

• Detroit : Become Human

• Horizon Chase Turbo

Detroit : Become Human

• Genre: Adventure, Action Adventure

• Release: 2018

Discovered in Detroit : Become Human on a powerful, emotional journey that consists of decisions and consequences, what it really means to be human.

Settled in Detroit in the year 2038, the city was revived by the invention and introduction of androids in people’s everyday lives. But as the androids begin to behave as if they were alive, events get out of control.

Take on the role of the three key characters in the story, each with a unique perspective as they embrace their new way of life.

Horizon Chase Turbo

• Genre: Racing, Arcade

• Release: 2018

Horizon Chase Turbo by Aquiris Game is a tribute for up to four players to the biggest arcade racing games of the 90s, such as Out Run, Top Gear or Rush. The game play was modeled on these arcade classics – with everything that goes with it: multiplayer split screen for joint gaming on the couch, a charming graphics with a 16-bit reinterpretation, crazy and stylish tracks as well as a nostalgic chiptune soundtrack by Barry Leitch , which is famous for the music of many arcade racers.

When can I download the PS Plus August games?

All August games will be available on the PlayStation Store for PS Plus subscribers on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 . From then on, the previous July games can not be downloaded accordingly.

If nothing changes in the usual way, we should today, on Wednesday, 31.07.2019 at 17:30 clock in experience, which titles Sony holds for August.

Where can I find the PS Plus games for August 2019?

Downloads are accessed through the PlayStation Store. There is an excellent tab named PS Plus, which lists all the PS Plus games of each month. In addition to the direct download link, all games are also presented with a short text, in addition, also screenshots and videos are included. 

So players can make before the download a picture of each game. For PS Plus subscribers, the games are free and at no extra cost. Alternatively, you can also download the games via smartphone or PC.

How to download the PS Plus games?

All PS Plus titles can be downloaded from PlayStation Store. The store itself must first be downloaded and installed. Then the store is opened and the tab “PS Plus” is activated. There, players can see all the free games of the month at a glance and look at each title in more detail.

Every single title can be downloaded individually in this menu or added to the library – with the latter selection the file is not yet downloaded, but only saved as a title. So no space is occupied until you really want to start the game.

When can I download the PS Plus games for free?

The monthly PlayStation Plus titles appear in a consistent rhythm. They are usually made available for download on the first Tuesday of each month. They are already presented one week in advance, on the previous Wednesday.

What is PlayStation Plus?

If you want to play online on the PlayStation , you can only do so with a PlayStation Plus subscription. This costs around 60 euros a year. Away from the multiplayer option, PlayStation Plus offers a few more benefits. Including, for example, an additional cloud storage that secures all scores and conveniently provides them on multiple consoles for fast. Monthly highlight of the PlayStation Plus subscription, however, are the free games. They are currently dividing into PS4, PS3 and PS Vita titles.

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