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Why do you need an Instagram account for your business?

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Instagram Marketing is like distributing flyers, with the big difference that you can not only distribute one but daily create a new one, which the prospective buyers see again and again until the prospective buyer makes a purchase decision but in a purchase, it should not stay. With Instagram, you have the opportunity to bind your customers permanently through Attraction Marketing and turn your customers into fans.

Instagram Marketing offers you complex possibilities to present your company. You can target your prospects and customers with various Instagram tools. Such as B on short videos, texts, interactions through live presentations and much more.


Which makes us personally very pleased that with Instagram you can not only encourage your prospective customers to buy online but also animate you to come back to your stationary company. For this, it is important to invite your target group to your site.


Instagram was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in San Francisco and published on the App Store on October 6, 2010.

At that time, the users could not yet see what a gigantic company this company will be and how the app should change the lives of billions of people.

It all started with a few selfies, today Instagram has grown a lot and is not only one of the most important social media platforms for individuals but also for entrepreneurs.

Instagram is no longer self-contained today, as Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, recognized the potential of Instagram in 2016 and bought it.

Meanwhile, almost all tools of Instagram are linked to Facebook, giving the user a lot of added value.


Instagram is an integral part of the social media world, Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media networks in the world with about 1 billion users worldwide, which makes up nearly ⅕ of all residents in Germany.

400 million users worldwide look at Instagram stories, which are becoming increasingly appealing due to their versatility and the constant updates of Instagram.

500 million users are active daily on Instagram.

As an advertising channel, the use increases immensely. There are over 10 million entrepreneurial profiles, this number is steadily rising month by month, as the entrepreneurs see and use their opportunity to place the advertising directly with the customer.

user on instagram

The majority of users make up the 18-34-year-old users, but who thinks that only the younger company is represented on Instagram, is wrong here. On Instagram, more and more people are becoming aware, which increases the interest at any age to register on this platform.


Instagram is constantly reinventing itself, making it not always easy for users to be up to date. Almost every day there are innovations to give us even more opportunities to present ourselves.

We just got used to the retouched pictures, hashtag and the great lyrics. But bit by bit it became an advertising platform and many companies recognized the possibility of product placement.

Then at the end of 2016, a lot changed on Instagram, because Snapchat had designed a story feature with funny pictures. A short time later, Instagram has integrated the story which has changed a lot Instagram, because from now on there was real life on Instagram.

The users were now obsessed with getting as fast as possible 10K followers to swap up. The swipe up function is still one of the best and most important tools today because only one link can be placed in the account, but with the swipe up function, it is possible to place several links daily in the story.

Through the story, the activity of Instagram posts has dropped significantly, as the story is much more interesting for the user.

Entrepreneurs can use various marketing tools and strategies on Instagram. For example, create a business account, there various statistics can be viewed, the account can be linked to Facebook. Products can be linked and lead to the shop.

The right audience can be invited to the profile. (Audience-targeted ads can run)

In the spring of 2018 came IG TV (Instagram TV) As a tool, here can be uploaded by the user 10min videos in the account, which persist in the target group are displayed-

Not to mention the live videos that could start in real-time (live broadcasts), this tool was previously available on Facebook and changed many a life.

There are many other tools on Instagram, but there are certainly new ones tomorrow. Unbelievable how Instagram has evolved over the last two years and at the same time changed the lives of users.

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