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Lose Weight: The 10 Most Effective Workouts

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With all the emerging fitness trends you can ever lose track. That’s why we tell you the 10 most effective workouts where you lose weight successfully.

Between all the classic workouts such as running or swimming, more and more new fitness trends such as Crossfit, Bootcamp or Tabata have been established over time – all with the overall goal of burning as many calories as possible . 

10 More Effective Workouts

1. Boxing

Boxing is currently very much in vogue . No wonder, the workout not only defines the arms and upper body, it brings the fat burning at full speed and additionally improves the body tension. 

boxing workout

Many gyms have jumped on the trend and offer special boxing courses. The combination of strength and speed requires good endurance and coordination is trained. In addition, you can discard emotional balast and strengthen your self-confidence.

2. Interval Training

In order to lose weight sustainably, experts recommend interval training. The aim is that the pulse shoots alternately and in regular repetitions in the air and calms down again. 

Interval Training

The metabolism works constantly and calories are burned. One type of interval training is, for example, spinning. In particular, the major muscle groups such as the gluteal muscles, the thigh muscles and the core are addressed.

3. Boot Camp

Bootcamps have established themselves in many German cities, especially in the last year. The exercising in the fresh air and in a group motivated and brings long-term success – especially by the mix of cardio and strength training

In many boot camps, the participants go through a circle that consists of different stations and go in three passes to their physical limit . Depending on the personal fitness level, everyone can individually increase their performance.

4. Strength Training

That endurance training alone is not enough to lose weight is nothing new. Exercising with your own body weight or fitness tools like dumbbells or the TRX band strengthen the muscles and define the body. 

Strength Training

Powerful boosts the metabolism and promotes fat burning. The after burning effect is enormous – it can last up to 48 hours.

5. Running

All you need is a pair of sneakers. Running is not only the most popular sport , but also one that boosts fat burning. To make your running workout even more effective, build in gradients in your usual jogging or on the treadmill . 


This requires your buttocks and leg muscles, two of the largest muscle groups, which means that extra energy and fat is burned.

6. Crossfit

Crossfit is a comprehensive strength and stamina workout that aims to perform high intensity functional exercises. Through this coordinated combination of metabolism is fueled and burned calories. 


Each workout consists of different exercises that are repeated in several rounds. Training is done in small groups under the supervision of a trained coach. A training session usually lasts one hour.

7. Tabata

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that helps you get your pulse up in no time. In just 4 minutes, specific exercises are used to address the major muscle groups (stomach, legs, buttocks) that burn the most calories. 


The prerequisite for effective weight loss and improved oxygenation in the muscles is that you reach your limits. The 4-minute workout consists of 8 intervals, with a total exercise interval of 20 seconds followed by a 10-second break. A work-out that demands everything from you.

8. Yoga

Calories do not tumble as fast during yoga as they do when running, but it does encourage the flexibility and flexibility that are required for more intense workouts. 


In addition, yoga trains balance and body stability, and the muscles are nicely defined. Not to forget: the mental strength that grows through yoga.

9. Swim

Swimming is underestimated by many – but it is the ideal combination of endurance training, muscle building and fat burning and acts as a kind of resistance training. 

In addition, swimming is very gentle on the joints and is especially recommended for people with overweight or chronic back pain. It is also a great alternative for those who do not enjoy jogging.

10. Skipping

The jump rope is the perfect training tool – it does not cost much, it fits in every pocket and can be used everywhere. 


Rope skipping is well suited as a warm-up, on the other hand, it also offers a short insert between strength exercises or during a longer jogging session: your pulse rises and your body is set a new stimulus – calories are burned.

Everyone want to look smart and slim and try to lose there weight. Here we mention 10 most effective workouts to lose your weight.

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