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How to know the traffic of a competing website?

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If you need to do market research then having an estimate of competing for website traffic is a necessary step. What tools can you use to do this analysis and how accurately? To help you, I propose the three most common solutions.

Tools To Analyze Competitor Traffic


Similarweb is at the top of the list with its ease of use and the comprehensive data it can collect. Once you specify the address of the site to be evaluated in the dedicated field, the tool presents a long list of information in a very detailed way.

Several statistics are then displayed such as total visits, the engagement rate, the average duration of a session or the bounce rate. This evaluation platform also gives more targeted information such as the origin of visitors, traffic earned through social networks as well as certain visitor behaviours. To deepen the comparison, Similarweb offers suggestions of sites similar to the one that has just been evaluated.

In its free version or test, Similarweb is quite limited. Its paid version, on the other hand, offers more features and more in-depth analysis.


SEMrush is a tool oriented for SEO and paid by allowing to analyze the visibility of our site and that of competitors on search engines.

If the idea is to use the data collected to improve your SEO or SEA strategy, SEMrush is essential. Indeed, in addition to the basic information of the site to be evaluated, this tool goes to detail the performance of each keyword. Added to this are the list of paid keywords, the approximate cost of Adwords campaigns and backlinks.

I invite you to test directly by analyzing your site or that of a competitor:

In comparison with other evaluation platforms, SEMrush can be seen as the most accurate and this thanks to a constant update of the data it records. I invite you to find the complete test.


Alexa is one of the oldest analysis platforms still on the market. It is also a very practical tool that has kept its reputation against its competitors.

Unlike recent analysis tools, Alexa does not present very detailed data including for example the number of visitors or the performance of each keyword. This platform instead establishes a ranking for each site in the same domain.

Only, Alexa is not always very precise on the information delivered. This problem mainly concerns French-language sites or sites recently put online.

Nevertheless, for the smallest companies, this slight failure of the analysis is not really a problem. Indeed, even if this platform seems obsolete, in some frameworks, the data it offers remain perfectly usable.

The limit of these tools

Although these tools are both powerful and complete, the information they provide is only a vague estimate. Indeed, each has a flaw in the analysis process. In addition, the traffic of a site is a very unstable value that can evolve or decline over a very short period of time. Only tools like Google Analytics can collect data in real-time if you are an administrator of the site in question.

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