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If You Do This Sport, You Live Up To 10 Years Longer

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Sport is good for your health, that’s nothing new. But there is a sport that can prolong life for many years … and it’s not yoga!

For 25 years researchers examined thousands of adults in terms of the relationship between sport and lifespan. The result of the “Copenhagen City Heart” study is surprising. Because not yoga, swimming or regular jogging turned out to be life-prolonging, but especially ball sports. 

Most important: social interaction in team sports 

Every physical activity has a positive impact on our health, but the absolute miracle elite is called tennis.

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ūüéĺThis ball sport extends the life of the subjects on average by 9.7 extra years.¬†
Second place went to badminton (+6.2 years) and  football won the bronze medal (+4.7 years). 

The reason: Those who train with others, not only sports, but also cultivates social contacts. Dr. James O’Keefe, one of the co-authors of the study, explains: “For mental and physical well-being and longevity, our social network is probably the only crucial component for a long, happy life.”

In addition, ball sports arouse the child in us. After chasing after a ball, activates the childish play instinct and it works like a fountain of youth. 

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