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What helps against mosquito bites? 7 effective tips

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But the buzzing makes you crazy. The mosquitoes fly again and unfortunately not only that. Itchy, red and swollen mosquito bites are probably the unfortunate shadow side of the summer par excellence. The question remains: what helps against mosquito bites? These means and methods make suffering more bearable.

Why are mosquito bites really that bad? 

The saliva secretion is responsible for the mosquitoes seeping into the skin during the sting. They do that so that the blood is liquid enough while sucking. 

Once the plagues have been released from their host and are wiped off again, the body begins to fight off the foreign proteins that have got under the skin through the saliva. 

This, in turn, causes itching, redness, and even allergic reactions. It can even be caused by the mosquito bite small inflammation. Depending on the immune system and susceptibility to allergies, each body reacts to different degrees. The fact is, mosquito bites are incredibly annoying. So what are the classic symptoms?

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SOS: What helps against mosquito bites?

1. DO NOT scratch! Yes, it is tempting: if the skin itches, then scratch it vigorously, already the unpleasant feeling is relieved. But that lasts just a few seconds, then the itching is back. It only helps: keep your hands still! By scratching you distribute namely only the secretions of the mosquito, which only widen the mosquito bite and itching.

2. Cool immediately: For swelling and redness helps a cool pack or a few ice cubes, wrapped with a cloth wrapped on the affected area.

3. Our insider tip: The electronic stitch healer! Sounds crazy for the first time, but even with heat you can treat mosquito bites. The electronic Bite Away Stick heats the affected skin area to 50 degrees for a few seconds (do not worry, that’s not bad!).

The heat immediately stops the itching and prevents swelling. The Stichheiler convinced us in the self-test in any case.

You should always have these home remedies ready!

4. Home remedy: onion juice! Halve an onion and put one half on the sting. The essential oils of onion juice counteract the itching and swelling. The sulfur also has a disinfecting and antibacterial effect. If onion juice smells too unpleasant, it can also switch to tea tree oil. Also, tiger balm * helps spotted on the mosquito bite.

5. Wrap a brandy wrapper: A wet wrap with high-percentage alcohol can also help. Simply put over the sting and wait for the cooling evaporation effect of the alcohol. This also has a disinfecting effect.

6. Apply Cooling Cream: Treating mosquito bites also works with a lotion that contains cooling, soothing ingredients such as aloe vera. You get such a cream for example over Amazon * .

7. Soothing anti-mosquito gels: In the pharmacy or at Amazon * you also get classic mosquito gels that help effectively against the inflamed and swollen red patches. They can also stem allergic reactions as they contain antihistamines.

There are certain budgetary resources our grandmothers have already relied on. Just as the onion is soothing against mosquito bites, there are other home remedies that can save you in an emergency. Did you know what remedy for bad breath helps?

Attention: If the mosquito bite gets worse

Mosquito bites can also be more difficult in exceptional cases You should be careful if all these home remedies, cool actions, and creams do not seem to help. The alarm bells should be on when the mosquito bite is noticeable by pain, feels hot or significantly expands.

Then the inflammation or allergic reaction could be so severe that you should go to the doctor. Even blood poisoning can be caused by a mosquito bite. If you feel unwell, you should visit your family doctor or a dermatologist after a few days at the latest.

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