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Hashtags – How To Improve Your Instagram Reach With Few Tricks

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Hashtags are still one of the most important tools when it comes to reaching.

Despite Instagram’s new algorithm, hashtags still have a positive impact on your engagement. Especially if your account is still relatively at the beginning.

Choose the right size of Hashtag

Commitment among your contributions is hugely important. Because of the more interactions you generate, the more likely users will notice your posts. Just one hashtag can increase your interaction rate by 12.6%. However, for a perfect Instagram appearance, it is recommended to use several.

Because with each day your potential reach becomes significantly larger. However, you should try to use only relevant hashtags. Keep in mind who you want to reach with your contributions.

Relevance of Hashtag is more important than quantity

There are some things to consider when choosing the right tags. Especially if they are relevant to your displayed content. Especially at the beginning, you should not resort to the most popular hashtags. Because they quickly go down in the mass of posts. 

The smaller the number of pictures of a particular hashtag, the more likely the users is involved in your profile. The number of pictures, per hashtag, should not exceed the six-digit range. 

With growing followers, you can also use more popular tags. The more specific your hashtag, the more precisely you will reach your desired target group and a clearly defined target group will ultimately bring you a sensible commitment.

Branded and community hashtags

Of course, there are also various uses for hashtags. The primary distinction is between branded and community hashtags. Branded hashtags are circulated by companies or brands associated with current campaigns or events. 

At the same time, they are a good way to generate user-generated content. Community hashtags are dedicated to specific topics and relevance to the post. But not only the use of relevant tags can be helpful. Even in an Instagram story, it is possible to place hashtags and further increase your reach.

Research and contribution volume

If you do not know which tags to use at all, there are some useful tricks. Because inspiration is there enough. Just look at similar, high-impact accounts and access some of the most relevant hashtags for you. Another way to search is the search function. 

If you enter a specific day here, Instagram shows further popular and related suggestions under the input field. The contribution volume is also of central importance for the search. 

The more pictures a hashtag has, the more active it is. For this reason, you should pay particular attention to the number of pictures. Hashtags with millions of contributions disappear much faster in the crowd.

Where do I put my hashtags best?

Again, there are different approaches. Some post their hashtags directly into the image description and others place them in the first comment right after posting. 

Which variant you prefer is up to you. Often it depends on the visual preference of a user. Adding the hashtags to the image description will save you time. For descriptions can be prepared and you can post a picture without much post-processing. 

Visually, the whole thing does not look quite so nice. Many solve this problem by visually separating the hashtags from the rest of the text. For example, by emojis or multiple points. 

However, if the description consists only of hashtags and a little text, it can quickly look dirty. Therefore, there is the possibility to post your hashtags in the first comment, to limit the description to the essentials. 

In this variant, however, it should be noted that a few seconds may pass until the text with the hashtags is sent. A middle ground provides the ability to put relevant (branded) hashtags in the description and add the rest to the comment function.

Organize hashtags

In order to save a lot of time and not having to go looking for new hashtags every time, you should organize relevant hashtags. This allows you to publish interesting pictures faster. 

Keeping an overview is very easy. With the help of so-called theme clusters, you bundle your topics and can easily and simply access the relevant hashtags at any time. 

Web services or apps serve as a simple tool for storage. Through theme clusters, you can always fall back on a certain base of hashtags and quickly build relevant combinations. Keep in mind, however, that your clusters are constantly updating as more and more hashed tags evolve.

More tips for an optimal range

In the contribution design, you should also pay attention to:

1. Post high-quality content. 
A blurry cell phone image is not high-quality content.

2. Write long captions. 
Approximately 35 words are enough.

3. End captions from time to time with a question. 
In this way, you increase the interaction rate, which in turn has a positive effect on the range.

4. Post at the right time. 
When your target audience is online, read the Instagram Analytics of your business account.

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