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Google Calendar Spam: Here’s How To Stop It

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Google is not just a search engine for a long time, with Google you can organize your whole life. Among other things, with the Google Calendar. However, that also means that spammers are after you. Find out how to put an end to calendar spam here.

That you can easily be spammed on your calendar, is unfortunately not a new problem. Once you have your Google Calendar. Sharing with Google+, it may happen that it is used by third parties. What on the one hand a great feature, if you z. For example, appointments can be abused on the other side.

The default setting here is that the calendar takes over unsolicited invitations attached to emails. As Android Police has found out, this is also done with invitations to e-mails that Gmail’s spam filter has sorted out.

Spammers seem to take advantage of this increase and bring their advertising texts in such invitations. These are then taken over by the calendar and, thanks to a reminder, will be displayed to the user at some point, as one of the authors of Android Police himself has learned.

The culprit is a rather old attitude that not every user knows. These are the events that are automatically added from Gmail. But you can change that – just a few clicks and in less than two minutes.

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Google Calendar Users Beware!

If you know this problem, maybe here comes the solution for you.

  • Go to your Google Calendar
  • Click on the small cogwheel on the top right
  • Click on “Settings”
  • On the left side of the little menu, you have to click on “Appointments from Gmail”

Now the website automatically scrolls down. In the second box you will find “Appointments from Gmail” and a blue checkmark next to “Automatically add”.

  • Remove the hook

Finished! From now on, it should no longer be possible for third parties to fill your calendar.

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