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Finally Eat Healthier: 8 Mini-Tricks That Work!

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Eating healthy does not necessarily mean dieting! With these little tricks, you eat healthy – without giving up.

You want to eat healthy and balanced, without sticking to a strict diet? Then here are 8 tips on how to change trifles and thus provide the right nutrient supply. Pay attention to these simple things and do something good for your figure and health!

Cook Pasta Al Dente

Tough noodles last longer than soft-cooked pasta. This is due to the low glycemic index, which causes the carbohydrates to be transported more slowly into the bloodstream. Pour the pasta a few minutes earlier – they will taste just as good.

Eat Bananas When They Are Still Greenish Yellow

Before they are fully ripe, bananas contain starch that is not completely decomposed during digestion. You feel full faster and do not eat more than you need.

Interesting Thing – Food-Care: These foods provide a natural sunscreen

Add Chia Seeds To The Smoothie

Chia seeds are not only a superfood for the body, but also for the skin! A tablespoon of it in the smoothie is enough and you consume enough alpha-linolenic acid to get a radiant glow.

Add Avocado To The Smoothie

No big surprise: avocados are healthy – thanks to valuable fats and antioxidants. Mixed with fruit in a smoothie, they are easy to prepare, taste delicious and are good for us. Here you will find a delicious smoothie recipe with avocado.

Dessert With Cheese

Yeah, dessert! Grab your teeth instead of sweets for a few pieces of cheese. Especially mature cheese like Parmesan or Cheddar prevents holes. Plus: cheese can even have a bleaching effect on your teeth.

Salmon Instead of Tuna

And while sushi. Raw salmon is eleven times as rich in valuable omega-3 fats and tastes at least as good.

Season With Lemon Peel

The lemon peel gives an extra dose of vitamin C without much effort, refines many dishes and also prevents the spread of bacteria to food. What else can lemons do? You can read that here.

Fry The Tomatoes Instead of Eating Raw

Frying or cooking releases more phytochemicals that can help prevent disease. Tomatoes are a treat in any form, so get to the pan!

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