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Facebook news: Messenger, Audience, New Design

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Two days during which a lot of news has been announced and that could well impact your business in the months to come !

The Future is private” is Mark Zuckerberg’s phrase and what he wants to achieve in the years to come.

The problem is that a Facebook that better respects the privacy of users is a big step for users , but not necessarily for advertisers and marketers that we are, so it will be necessary to adapt quickly !

Here is my selection of really important information if you have an online business:

1. New FB design

The flow of news is relegated to the background, with a big emphasis on “communities” (and groups) and stories.

There will be a lot of improvement around groups and how to find groups.

The Pages pro do not seem to be highlighted at all and I think we can say that the Pages do not have much use on Facebook today.

Let’s be honest with the decline in reach of recent years it was already a bit the case.

How to use a Facebook page in 2019

– Create a Chatbot Messenger and use Messenger to discuss and make appointments with your customers / prospects. 
– Advertise Facebook to highlight your publications, products, events and Chatbot Messenger. 
– Create a shop within your Page to sell your products / services with in the very near future the ability to sell directly without leaving Facebook. 
– Create a private group for your community and advertise to encourage them to join.

2. New Messenger & help for businesses

All the architecture of Messenger will be reviewed to become faster and several new features like the ability to watch videos to several, or an application for computers will see the light of day in the year.

But what is particularly interesting for us are several novelties for companies:

– The ability to qualify prospects directly via a Messenger advertising without going through an additional chatbot.

How will it work?

In concrete terms, you will create a Messenger advertisement that will contain a “form” with your questions and answers.

When someone clicks on your advertisement, it will open their Messenger and your Page will ask them the first question, with your different possible answers and so on.

Then the recovered information will either be available on Facebook or sent to your CRM using Webhook or a tool like Zapier.

It’s like a lead generation advertisement, but via Messenger ! I can not wait to test them.

– The possibility of making an appointment via a chatbot with your company . 
A fully integrated Messenger process will allow you to make appointments with your prospects soon. 
(Note: It has recently been possible to make appointments via your Facebook Page and Instagram as we will see later in the article.)

– And finally, last novelty, it will be possible to authenticate someone automatically via Messenger links if it is already connected to your application / website to start a conversion quickly if a customer needs help.

3. WhatsApp

Companies will soon be able to add catalogs of their products and users who will be chatting with these companies on WhatsApp will be able to see them live.

4. Instagram “Shop from Creators”

A new feature handy for influencers who will be able to tag partner brand products directly in their images, so that visitors can buy the product directly without having to go to the brand’s page.

5. Videos

Small novelty announced just after the F8, the video highlighting algorithm will change in the coming months .

To simplify: Long videos with a good commitment and visitors who come back to see them several times will be highlighted while short videos putaclics or reused content from other pages will be shown as little as possible.

6. Hearings

A similar new hearing has just been launched (without being announced elsewhere): Hearing hearings. 

How to access it?

When you create a custom audience with your customer list (for example), Facebook will then offer you to create a similar audience or household audience from that initial list.

The focus audience allows you to reach family members as your clients. 
This is an audience that will not necessarily be useful for all companies, but that will allow you to make new commercials quite interesting.

Imagine that you are a gym club, you will be able to reach the members of the same household to try to sell new subscriptions (and your current client will be able to say good of your business) see offer a family pack.

The possibilities are pretty huge!

7. Appointments

Another novelty not necessarily announced with great fanfare, but is rather practical: 
You can now make appointments with your customers / prospects on your Facebook page. 
Your Facebook calendar will be synchronized with your Google calendar with a lot of customization possibilities like a Calendly.

So yes, we are not yet at the same level and it misses some possibilities like for example, being able to synchronize several calendars to send people on several people within your company (if you have a whole commercial team for example), but for a small business or a consultant the feature is interesting!

How to activate this function?

Let’s be honest, for the moment it’s not very practical: you have to change your call to action button (the big blue button under your cover)

and select “Book at home” then “Book” option.

Then in the next step, you will have to select “go to Facebook” and then you will be taken to a small Facebook tutorial that will help you set your available dates and the ability to synchronize your Google Calendar.

As you see in the end, there is no harm in new products rather interesting for companies.

I can not wait to test all these features in detail and see what Facebook has in store for years to come!

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