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Enable Dark Mode in Chrome: Now the browser does it automatically

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Dark Modes are trendy, that’s for sure. Only the most popular browser in the world has so far no dark optics to offer. But it has been clear for some time that Chrome also gets a dark fashion. Google has not yet officially presented, but with a trick you could already activate it. Now the Chrome Dark Mode is still a step ahead.

Update: If you use the Chrome Canary version , you do not need the trick below. The Windows version of the browser will automatically detect and apply the color settings set in Windows 10. So if you have set the dark mode there, Chrome automatically enters dark mode.

The Dark Mode for Chrome is not finished and Google will probably not install it in the next version of Chrome. With the final version of Chrome you get the dark optics not yet activated. What to do to get a taste of dark fashion air in Chrome? The beta or even better, the Canary version install of Chrome. But even there there is no simple switch, a trick activates the dark mode.

Download: Chrome Canary

Trick activates Dark Mode in Chrome Beta or Canary

At some point it should certainly run so that an activated Dark Mode in Windows also Chrome in the dark fashion dives. 

But automatically nothing works at the moment, but you have to force the Dark Mode itself. The easiest way is via a desktop shortcut.

There you add the following option in the “Target” field via the context menu under “Properties”: –enable-features = WebUIDarkMode –force-dark-mode . Then click on “Apply” and “Ok”.

The next time you start Chrome from the shortcut, you’ll see Dark Mode. In the Canary version he is already further than in the beta, but he is not done yet and the trick shown does not work in the final version so far.

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