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4 Mistake Related To Drinking Water

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It should be at least two liters a day. Before the sport, you should definitely drink … There are plenty of myths about drinking. But which ones are really right?

1. You should always drink right before the sport

For athletes, it is essential to ensure adequate hydration. However, it does not do much to provide water or sports drinks just before the sport. It is better to always drink plenty (at least two liters per day, athletes rather more). If there is a special competition or intensive training, you should pay attention to increased drinking already 36 hours before.

2. You can not drink too much water

Although it is always advised to drink plenty of water, there is also a limit here that is individually different and depends on factors such as height and metabolic rate. 

If more water is absorbed than the kidneys are able to digest, the electrolyte content in the blood will drop, leading to low sodium content in the blood, so-called hyponatremia. The consequences are headache, nausea, and tremor, in worse cases it can also lead to epileptic seizures. Therefore, listen to your body and do not unnecessarily bring lots of water to it.

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3. Sports drinks hydrogenate better than water

For the average recreational athlete, water is absolutely sufficient to provide the body with fluid. Special sports drinks only have advantages if the workout lasts longer than one hour because the frequently added glucose additionally provides energy and the electrolytes replace lost ones if they sweat for a long time. 

The taste of sports drinks also makes it easier for many people to drink more. If this is too expensive, and still has no desire for water, can conjure up a healthy refreshment with delicious cucumber water.

4. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated

While it is true that committed athletes should not wait to drink until they are thirsty (the body should always be well hydrated during exercise or competition). For recreational athletes, however, it is quite sufficient if they drink as soon as the body develops a thirst.

By the way, this happens when you drink water on an empty stomach in the morning.

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