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Apple: iPhone 11 Pro features

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There are already rumors about the next three iPhones. Now insiders are packing up with even more information about the upcoming devices. Some are to come as “iPhone Pro” on the market.

In September Apple will present its new lineup of iPhones at an event. Three devices are expected, but the naming is still not very clear. New insider reports now say that these are iPhone models with the Affix Pro. So possible is an iPhone XS Max Pro, not a particularly elegant name. In addition, the insiders grabbed against Bloomberg but also with other news.

New features of the iPhone 11

The most important feature will be a new camera system on the back. This should take pictures with all three sensors simultaneously and select the best picture by KI. The performance in a bad light should be improved. In addition, it is possible with the new video function to professionally edit the recorded clips still in the device, sometimes even while the recording takes place.

Interesting could also be the reverse wireless charging. This makes it possible to virtually use a device, such as the iPhone 11 Pro, like a wireless charging station to inductively charge other devices – such as your AirPods. 

This technique is already found in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. Like every year, the devices will come with a new processor. The A13 SoC should, of course, be faster, but also provide improved performance in augmented reality.

So that one has something of the device for a long time, Apple should offer stronger display glass and improved water protection. According to the insiders, an iPhone 11 could remain completely submerged for well over 30 minutes. All this information is currently still pure speculation, certainty there is only at the event of Apple.

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