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AnyDesk Promises PC Remote Control in Real Time

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AnyDesk wants to replace Team Viewer as the first address for remote access to computers. The team relies on a significantly higher transmission speed, which should enable many new deployment scenarios. Shortly after the start, the startup reports amazing traffic.

So-called remote desktop applications are a fine thing, for example, to give someone else quick access to their own screen to fix a problem. There are many alternatives of Any Desk like TeamViewer, including Splashtop, LogMeIn and GoToMyPC from Citrix.

Now the Stuttgart start-up AnyDesk wants to take the subject to the next level by addressing the main problems: too slow transmission, poor picture quality, unstable connection. In a self-created benchmark , the Swabians show how they perform in terms of frame rate, latency (delay) and bandwidth consumption compared to the competitors. “With AnyDesk you have the feeling that you are really working on the other computer,” affirms co-founder Andreas Burike.

AnyDesk: “Highly efficient image transfer process”

To make this possible, the founders have developed a special video codec, a “highly efficient image transfer method called DeskRT”. On the basis of this process, the makers promise new scenarios – but there is no concrete information about this, because AnyDesk is still at the very beginning and therefore needs some time.

There are also other advantages: The program is just one megabyte in size. In addition, users always get the latest version, while for example, purchased versions of TeamViewer are not upwardly compatible.

The first successes of the recently launched start-up are remarkable: “In two and a half weeks, AnyDesk was downloaded just under 10,000 times,” reports Burike in mid-May. Already now only 25-30% of the users come from Germany, accesses are reported to come from 114 countries.

Soon: New versions, more features and hardware

But there is one major disadvantage: So far, AnyDesk is only available for Windows computers (from Windows XP). The team wants to work on the versions for Mac, iOS, Linux and Android this year, as well as on new features (eg for meetings) as well as versions for companies and large companies (for private users AnyDesk remains free).

Then the four founders Andreas Burike, Philipp Weiser, Andreas Mähler and Olaf Liebe want to bring out a secret hardware product and “come to over one million installations by the end of the year”. So far, there is AnyDesk in an open beta version that users can test extensively.

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