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Alternatives To TeamViewer

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The most widely used software for remote maintenance: TeamViewer. We show you alternative tools to the market leader.

The software TeamViewer is a popular tool for controlling computers remotely. This is especially helpful for teamwork over several kilometers. Even with technical problems, the support can start directly at the computer, which is not running properly. 

The basic principle behind this is client software that connects the two computers together. TeamViewer is free for private users. Who wants to use it commercially, must acquire a license. The software is available for macOS X, Linux, Windows and also as an app for iOS and Android.

  • Remote help from Microsoft
  • AnyDesk
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Ammy Admin
  • LogMeIn Pro

Remote help from Microsoft

The free tool Remotehilfe is integrated directly into Windows 10 and replaces the Microsoft predecessor remote support of Windows 7/8. However, it has only limited functions compared to TeamViewer. For example, an additional program is required for transferring files. If you own the Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version, you also have the option of setting up Remote Desktop.

By entering ” Remote help ” in the Windows search field, you will be taken directly to the program. Think of any 6-digit code and share it with your colleague. The computers then connect automatically.


The principle of AnyDesk is the same as TeamViewer. With the free software, you can either share your screen or have it remotely controlled. The remote maintenance is simple and clear by the simple input of an ID and the associated password. Similar to TeamViewer, files can be copied back and forth, the clipboard can be shared and the sound of the computer can be transferred.


In contrast to the big competitor, only presentation functions and video conference modes are missing. To use AnyDesk, no installation is needed. Starting the client generates an address that allows access to the computer. AnyDesk is not only available in the Free version, which is exclusively for private use, but also as a Lite, Professional or Enterprise version.

After downloading the software, this window opens automatically. Here you establish the connection by entering the “AnyDesk address”.

Chrome Remote Desktop

The free browser add-on Chrome Remote Desktop has to be installed in the browser as opposed to AnyDesk Free. After installation, you will receive a code that can remotely control your PC. Chrome Remote Desktop works on all devices that run Google Chrome. 

To do this, you have to select ” Activate Remote Connections ” in the app. With this feature, you can access your PC at home while on the move. The practical: Chrome does not have to be started for this. However, if you have a technical issue with your computer that needs to be shared with a helper, you must first start the ” Chrome Remote Desktop Host.”Download and Install Only when it is installed can other computers access your computer by entering a code.

The Chrome Remote Desktop can be found after your Chrome Apps installation.

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin stands out for its ease of use and is especially suitable for large companies. With this free software networks and servers can easily be remotely controlled. For this, neither login nor firewall and router adjustments is necessary. 

To use the software, you just need to download a .exe file and start. There you will receive a unique ID, which gives authorized users external access to your computer. The free software not only makes the desktop of the connected computer visible, but also allows you to transfer data and offers, for example, a chat function for presentations or remote training, A major disadvantage, however, is that the software is not supported by Google Chrome or Firefox and therefore needs to be opened in Internet Explorer or Opera.

In the picture, you can see the parameters provided by Ammyy Admin, such as the ID for connecting the computers.

The free version of the software may only be used non-commercially or as a sample. Ammyy Admin is also available as a starter, premium or corporate version. For example, in the paid versions, you can create session logs or disable ads.

LogMeIn Pro

The fee-based tool LogMeIn Pro focuses primarily on the sharing of resources. It offers you up to 1 TB of storage in the cloud to store all your important files, projects and applications in one central location. Another relief is the release of data to an unlimited number of users. 

The remote connection to other computers takes place here via a browser application. The software is offered in the form of packages at different prices. Depending on the package, the range of functions varies so that you can, for example, access up to 10 computers. Access can also be via the appropriate apps for iOS or Android.

Use the installation link to remotely control a PC / Mac using LogMeIn.

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